Courses and Sequences

Year 1


  • EPSY 5215: Professional Seminar in Learning Technologies (3 Cr., on-campus)
    Introduction/ProSem (Overview of program requirements, TPACK, card-tamen, Taskstream e-portfolio, and ISTE standards for technology coaches/ specialists)
  • EPSY 5520: Instructional Design (3 Cr., on-campus & online through August)
    Overview of the field of instructional design: instructional theories, prescriptive models, instructional strategies, issues and trends as they relate to the comprehensive development of instructional systems.


  • EPSY 5220: Introduction to Learning Technologies (3 Cr., online)
    Introduction to Educational Technology instructional applications of productivity software and technology-enhanced classroom learning environments.
  • EPSY 5510: Learning: Its Implications for Education (3 Cr., online)
    Nature and types of learning, transfer of training, motivation, nature of instructional outcomes, with particular attention to individual differences among elementary and secondary school pupils.
  • EPSY 5225: Learning Technology Applied in School (3 Cr., online)
    The implementation and application of theory into practice with a practical integration of technology into teaching in the student’s area of specialization, with data collection, analysis, revision, and reflection.


June-July Intersession

  • EPSY 5235 Multimedia production (3 Cr., online)
    Design and production of multimedia artifacts for online course implementation.


  • EPSY 5245: Capstone in Learning Technology (3 Cr., on-campus)
    Topics in Professional Development and Electronic Portfolio Comprehensive Exam preparation.


The online Masters program may be completed at a slightly slower pace by taking fewer courses during the Fall and Spring semesters and then completing those courses during the following academic year. New course numbers were implemented Summer 2015.