Courses & Sequence
Summer Year 1

  • EPSY 5215: Professional Seminar in Learning Technologies (3 Cr., on-campus)
    Introduction/ProSem (Overview of program requirements, TPACK, CARD-tamen [and other instructional games], Taskstream eportfolio, and ISTE standards for technology coaches / specialists)
  • EPSY 5520: Instructional Design (3 Cr., on-campus & online through August)
    Overview of the field of instructional design, including instructional theories, prescriptive models, pedagogical strategies, contemporary issues and trends as related to the comprehensive development of instructional systems


  • EPSY 5220: Introduction to Learning Technologies (3 Cr., online)
    Introduction to Educational Technology, including instructional applications of productivity software and technology-enhanced classroom learning environments
  • EPSY 5510: Learning: Its Implications for Education (3 Cr., online)
    A focus on contemporary theories of teaching and learning, including transfer, affect, motivation, the nature of instructional outcomes, anchored instruction, and adult learning
  • EPSY 5225: Learning Technology Applied in School (3 Cr., online)
    A practical integration of technology and teaching in the student’s area of specialization; includes data collection, analysis, revision, and reflection


  • EPSY 5266: Instructional Media & Game Design (3 Cr., online)
    Understanding the potential of transmedia storytelling for teaching and learning, particularly simulations, games, and worldbuilding
  • EPSY 5601: Principles & Methods in Educational Research (3 Cr., online)
    An exploration of quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • EPSY 5339: Assistive Technology (3 Cr., online)
    Topics in Universal Design (offered in cooperation with George Mason University’s Assistive Technology Certificate program)

May/June Intersession

  • EPSY 5235: Multimedia Production (3 Cr., online)
    Design and production of multimedia artifacts for online course implementation

Summer Year 2

  • EPSY 5245: Capstone in Learning Technology (3 Cr., on-campus)
    Topics in Professional Development and Electronic Portfolio Comprehensive Exam preparation

The online Masters program may be completed at a slightly slower pace by taking fewer courses during the Fall and Spring semesters, then completing those courses during the following academic year. Updated November 2021.