Two Summers Overview

Master of Arts (or Sixth Year Degree) in Educational Technology
(Online/Blended, e-Portfolio-based)

(Applications are being accepted now for the July 2019 cohort. Deadline for applications to the 2019 cohort is has been extended– a few cohort openings still available! Admissions will continue until the cohort is full)

Be part of a new approach to teaching and learning at the University of Connecticut, Neag School of Education, Department of Educational Psychology. In the innovative Two-Summers Master’s Program, experience technology in a state-of-the-art wireless building with a newly completed addition, including fully networked computer labs, robotics tools, and video conferencing. Earn your degree by attending courses at UConn for one week during two consecutive summers and by completing two semesters of online coursework during which time you will construct a technology e-portfolio.

2019 Cohort Application Dates: For the cohort starting Summer 2019, the first summer on-campus classes will meet July 15-20, 2019 (Monday-Saturday) live on the Storrs campus and continue through August online. Students will complete 6 credits over the Summer and enroll in online courses for Fall and Spring, before returning for a capstone week on campus the following summer. The cohort that starts in July of 2019 will have its Capstone week July 6-10 (Monday-Friday) 2020.

This unique program offers students opportunities to:

  • Explore learning strategies focused on new digital literacies for the online world.
  • Participate in an online community connecting with knowledgeable colleagues and UConn faculty.
  • Compile an authentic electronic portfolio created from coursework assignments and classroom artifacts.

This innovative approach allows students to develop proficiency by:

  • Experiencing a unique balance of online and on campus learning opportunities.
  • Focusing on both personal productivity and classroom educational uses of emerging technologies.
  • Cooperatively demonstrating technology, visionary leadership, and planning skills in your classroom environment.