Sixth-Year Certificate

The Two-Summers program offers an option to receive a 30 credit, Sixth-Year certificate (in Cognition Instruction and Learning Technology, CILT) rather than a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Technology. To apply for the Sixth-Year one must already have a Master’s in a related area. The courses and assessments are identical to the MA in Educational Technology. The choice for the Sixth Year option is typically related to the exact wording of union agreements concerning step increases in an individual district.

The Two-Summers program addresses issues of technology associated with reading and writing in elementary grades as well as the wise integration of technology in middle and high school. The program covers topics such as e-portfolios, web resources, technology for professional development of teachers, multimedia “new” literacies, and issues of assistive technology across the K-12 spectrum.

Teachers from districts with pay scales that specifically target “30 credits beyond the Master’s” should consider the Sixth Year Degree option.


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