Sixth Year Certificate


Students entering the Two Summers program with an existing Masters degree can pursue either a second Masters or a Sixth Year Certificate. For those requiring a Sixth Year for promotion, salary step increases, and/or professional lane changes, we suggest the 30-credit Sixth Year Certificate in Educational Technology option (this depends on the specific language embedded in individual school district teacher contracts).

To apply for a Sixth Year, the applicant must already possess a Masters in a similar/related discipline. Coursework and assessments (i.e., eportfolio artifact requirements) are identical to the Two Summers Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Educational Technology.

Teachers from school districts with contractual pay scales that specifically target “30 credits beyond the Master’s” should consider the Sixth Year Certificate. For more details, please refer to the UConn Two Summers Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Two Summers students looking at Smartboard projection