Portfolio Contents

Each 2 Summers MA/SD in Learning Technology student constructs an e-portoflio for coursework and a final presentation e-portfolio for their Comprehensive exam using Taskstream. Artifacts in this e-portfolio are directed toward the NETS-C National ISTE Standards for technology coaches.

Component Evidence
Education/ Professional Background List degrees, where and when you received them, and any other relevant educational and work experiences.
Philosophy Statement Created during Learning Theory course related to pedagogical approach to technology integration
Instructional Design Formative Evaluation Plan for wise classroom integration and data-driven decision making
Technology Course artifacts Personal Goals, 508 compliance check, web page design, professional online presence, and video project
Assistive Tech Artifact Reflection on tools for enabling all students to achieve at high levels
Research Methods Artifact Citi training and reflection on research methods
Multimedia Artifact programming and/or web design multimedia projects done in coursework
Capstone Artifacts Professional development plan, Ignite file presentation, reflections on Project Technologia game


Example Exemplary Portfolios from Past Graduates