Financial Aid for Graduate Students

There are four types of financial aid available:

  1. General merit-based assistance that is competitive for all graduate students. Information on this is available from the Financial Aid Office
  2. Neag School of Education Scholarships. Some of these are School-wide, others are targeted for very narrow populations (e.g., Special Education and developmental disabilities research). Information on these are available on the Neag School of Education Scholarships page.
  3. “Hard money” graduate/teaching assistantships (GA/TA). Each year the Neag School’s departments receive support from the Dean’s office for several graduate assistantships. These are awarded to graduate students on a competitive basis. The number of awards is different for each program. Most are awarded on a competitive basis with preference given to incoming Ph.D. students. For more information, contact your program coordinator.
  4. “Soft money” or grant-related assistantships. Each faculty member in the Neag School of Education has active research grants that support graduate students. These grants are not on the same time frame as graduate applications, and can arise as funding opportunities for students throughout the year. Contacting individual faculty members in the form of an e-mail of interest detailing your skills is recommended.

Decisions about financial aid are made separately from admissions. Only admitted students are considered for financial aid. Ph.D. students are given priority over Master’s students. For more financial aid information, please contact UConn’s Office of Financial Aid.