Frontiers in Playful Learning Logo 2023

Games scholars at the University of Connecticut are pleased to announce that the Frontiers in Playful Learning 2023 conference will be held at the UConn Storrs campus from Wednesday, 31 May 2023 through Friday, 2 June 2023. Learn more about the event via our conference website.



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We will follow up with details via email as more information becomes available.

Frontiers in Playful Learning is intended to:


  • Energize scholarly discourse about game- and play-based teaching and learning research goals, methodologies, and findings;
  • Connect members of the game- and play-based academic community who are using tabletop and digital games for instruction and/or designing tabletop and digital games to deliver intellectual, educational, and creative content; and
  • Provide an open-ended, playful context for discussion about current scholarly work in game- and play-based teaching and learning (e.g., Virtual Reality, Alternate Reality, Table-top RPGs, Living Card Games, Massively Multiplayer Online gaming, narrative game design, instructional games, esports, etc.)


IMPORTANTLY, this first iteration of Frontiers in Playful Learning is meant as a space for play- and game-based educators and scholars to decide how our shared community of practice should continue to evolve over the coming years, including: interdisciplinary research opportunities, 'big questions' about playful learning, best practices for instructional game design, and whether/how to host similar events in the future.

The Two Summers coordinators, in plastic toy form